5 Unicorns Spotted in Real Life?

The unicorn is a mythical creature that can only be seen in books and the likes. It is said that it possesses a beauty that is unparalleled. It has one horn, which has a spiral shape, projecting from its forehead.

It is often depicted as a white horse or goat-like animal with a single horn. It is said that only a virgin can capture it since only a pure one would have the rights to tame it as it would be too wild for someone ‘not pure’.  The horn supposedly has the power to heal and it could render the most polluted water clean.

However, this animal is only a myth since it can only be seen in stories.  It came from the fiction of imagination and therefore can’t be found anywhere in the world.  At least, that is what most people thought it to be.

Fortunately, some people have allegedly captured a picture and video of the mythical beast.  Here are five intriguing unicorns caught on camera:

The Uzbekistan Wonder Bull

one-horned antelope
Image captured from Youtube/ Top 5s Finest

The Greek referred to the unicorn as a one horned-antelope.  It is said that you can find it on India as it is a natural habitat for them.