5-Story Building Floats Down the River, Surprises Netizens

These days, it’s really hard to believe that strange things are happening around the world even when there’s supposedly video evidence to prove the occurrence because it really is easy to edit videos and make fake events appear real.

But one video that recently surfaced on the net was 100% authentic – yet netizens just couldn’t believe their eyes at what they were seeing.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube

It was a quiet day in Chongqing, China last Saturday when the residents were surprised to find a 5-story building floating down the river!

There had not been a flood in the area and this was certainly no flash flood, either, as the building was upright and just floating majestically on the river. How did this happen? Is there some sort of sorcery involved in this building?

Young netizens joked that the building was being shipped to Hogwarts but the wizards forgot to put up an invisibility shield around it to prevent muggles from seeing the edifice. LOL.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube

But is this another one of those fake videos? Well, the video was real alright – and the building is, too! It turned out that this wasn’t an ordinary building, though, but had actually been a floating restaurant. Due to violations in regulation where it was previously docked, the 5-story floating restaurant had to moved someplace else.

The floating edifice did not have its own engine; thus, it was pushed down the river by two boats.

But the floating restaurant was truly majestic to see as it floated down the river, pushed by those boats. It was so surreal that many netizens expressed amazement over what they had seen.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube

Many were also impressed that the Chinese were able to find a way to move this floating restaurant to its new location though it was certainly quite tricky to do that since the tall structure might topple over if the boats make a mistake and it loses its balance on that river.

Watch the video here:

Sources: ShanghaiistRachFeed