5 of the Best Beaches in the Philippines That You Need to Visit this Summer

The air is getting hotter and the temperature is rising.  One of the best ways to cool down is to go to the beach.  There, you can bathe all day; but that is not all that you can do at the beach!

If you like sports, you can bring your friends and a have a volleyball match.  For those adventurous ones, you can bring your scuba gear and dive at the depths of the sea.  Or you can simply hire a water jet and drive it on the waters.  Clearly, the beach is one of the places that you need to visit.

In the Philippines, you don’t need to look far since there are lots of beaches that you can visit and enjoy yourself.  Here are the top 5 beaches that you need to visit this summer:

  1. Boracay Island

boracay island
Image captured from Youtube/ Philippine Travel Site

Both Yahoo and Trip Advisor refer to this beach as one of the best in the world. It ranked as one of the most beautiful spots.