5 Common Symptoms that Can Occur a Month Before a Heart Attack

A heart attack can be deadly! It happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked, often by build-up of cholesterol, fat, and other substances in the body. Due to the blockage, it is possible that the artery or heart muscle will be damaged, leading to the patient’s untimely death.

But while many believe that heart attack symptoms only point to chest pains that would make one grab his chest area just like in the movies, this is not always the case. In fact, many cases of heart attacks didn’t happen this way – and many were simply shocked that the heart attack happened because the patient did not show obvious signs of heart attack at all!

Thanks to new advances in medicine, there are now ways to prevent a heart attack – but you have to visit your doctor to make sure you get the proper medications and undergo certain procedures, if necessary.

Of course, this is not to say that all heart attacks are preventable but knowing about the early warning signs can actually save your life!

Pain in the left arm

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

A lot of people ignore an aching arm, thinking that this could only be due to fatigue

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