5 Cases of Horrific Cannibalism in History. Cannibal #2 Still Lives Among Us!

Whilst murder is a crime considered heartless and most evil, cannibalism atop the killing is unbelievably monstrous, horrific, disgusting, and unforgivable. Killing is difficult to fathom, cannibalizing is way beyond understandable.  We can try to discern the reasons of a murderer, and in some instances understand why such crime was committed.  But who can even comprehend a gruesome act of slaughtering and consuming human flesh? Maybe those with twisted minds.

Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk
Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk

Here are 5 of the recorded cases of cannibalism in human history that will make you realize Hannibal is real. Beware: Graphic description follow. Read at your own risk.
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