4-Year-Old Boy Who Looks 80 Can’t Go to School Because Other Kids (and Their Parents!) are Scared of Him

He’s just 4 years old but Bayezid Hossain from a village outside Magura in southern Bangladesh already looks 80 years old – and he even suffers from medical conditions that are often associated with old people, such as having weak teeth, aching joints, sagging skin, and hollow eyes.

At first glance, he truly looks like a young child, with his body still small and about the same height as a regular 4-year-old boy but his face and skin show him as an old person if you look closely.

Photo credit: Metro UK - Cover Asia Press / Qamruzzaman
Photo credit: Metro UK – Cover Asia Press / Qamruzzaman

Tripti Khatun, Bayezid’s mother, is heartbroken at her son’s unusual appearance, especially because he could not go to school as the other kids are all too afraid of him; what’s worse, even these kids’ parents and the rest of the villagers are afraid to even look at the boy, in fear that something bad will happen to them.

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