4 Wrestlers Who Might Become World Champions Someday

Wrestlers have been fighting in the ring to make money and they would all want to be champs someday.  But, the problem is that everyone is vying for the title and there is only one title available.

These wrestlers have been bruised and beat up in the ring, but they are not going to quit anytime soon.  They have so much to prove for themselves.  They have been in the industry for quite a while and have taken lots of punishment.  As they fight in the ring, one thing is certain, they are talented individuals and someday they might capture the championship if they pursue what they like doing.

Samoa Joe

samoa joe
Image by Napster

Since he joined the Raw roaster, he made an impression as he takes out Seth Rollins. He didn’t stop there as he badly beat up Sami Zayn.  The destroyer is a two time champion from NXT; he has the experience and the moves to get things done.