39 Hilarious Photos of Mr. Bean as Famous Personalities and Movie Characters

Mr. Bean is one of the most famous characters in comedy. Played by Rowan Atkinson, the character has grown so famous that it grew from a British sitcom into a cartoon show on TV as well as having ‘live action’ movies with a related theme.

Almost everyone over the age of 10 has heard of Mr. Bean in some way. What’s quite incredible is that Mr. Bean rarely ever talks but between grunts and comical facial expressions, he is able to make the audience laugh!

Recently, people began to Photoshop Mr. Bean into famous personalities and movie characters – and the results were quite hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing at all these funny photos, even knowing 100% that these are all just products of Photoshop.

While there are 100+ photos from the Photoshop battle, we pick here 39 of the funniest pictures that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Photo credit: shifty1776

Most of the characters on “Avatar” had quite serious faces — but can you imagine if Mr. Bean was among the tribesmen? He would surely bring comic relief to that movie! LOL