34-Year-Old Barbie Enthusiast Spends $70K for Her Entire Collection

Azusa Sakamoto’s obsession with Barbie began after she bought her first lunchbox back when she was 15 years old.

Since then, the 34-year-old nail artist’s Barbie fanaticism has already cost her a whopping amount of $70,000. She used the said amount to purchase 145 Barbie dolls, 40 pairs of shoes, and 60 bags, not to mention the money spent on Barbie conventions, home furnishings, and accessories.

Barbie Collection
Image from Caters News

However, Azusa said that she is not trying to look like the doll but, instead, she simply loves the brand.

Originally from Japan, Azusa shared that her Barbie dolls are kept inside a glass case to keep them in good condition. She also dresses in Barbie clothes and even owns Barbie cutlery, kitchenware, utensils, as well as jewelry, creams, and even underwear.

Barbie House
Image from Caters News

She only buys the official merchandise, though. And she will only buy Barbie stuff in the right shade of pink—either pastel pink, Barbie pink, or strawberry milkshake pink.

Her most favorite among her collection is the Movie Mixer Barbie doll. On the other hand, the most expensive doll that she bought is the Namie Amuro Vidal Sassoon Barbie which is based on a famous pop singer from Japan. This Barbie doll cost Azusa $1,000.

Barbie Collector
Image from Caters News

To me, Barbie shows girls that we can be anything we want; she shows us how to have fun. She has so many professions, too. Sometimes, she’s a teacher, then a doctor, then a dancer, she shows us all the opportunities women have,” Azusa said.

She added that she is definitely not trying to be Barbie, though. “I’m my own person, and I have my own individual look. It’s important to be yourself,” she said.