33 Hilarious Photos of Bookstore Staff Getting Creative… Who Said Librarians are Boring?

Who said librarians are boring, eh? Well, the staff of Librairie Mollat got a little creative when they got bored one day – and the result was a series of hilarious photographs that has taken the internet by storm!

Librairie Mollat is France’s first independent bookstore; it opened back in 1896! Today, the place is a popular place for bookworms, not just to go shopping for new books to bring back home but also to hang out.

And with the bookstore-library going viral, they are also having fun while they shop!

Check out some of the hilarious photos taken inside Librairie Mollat, featuring its staff as well as some of their customers…

That’s one delicious apple she got there!

Photo credit: Librairie Mollat / Instagram

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