31 Photos of People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

When it comes to online shopping, you really have to read and re-read and re-read the descriptions again – or you might end up regretting the purchase. Of course, there are also a lot of sellers who describe the item they are selling and even post pictures as ‘proof’ of the item, only to send you a different one in the mail once you have paid up!

Our intent is not to discourage you from shopping online but these horrible (although somewhat hilarious) experiences should serve as a lesson for you to be extra careful when dealing with online sellers.

You’re better off doing actual shopping in mortar and brick stores or to shop online only from well-known legitimate shops…

Check out these online purchases that would surely get you scratching your head:

What do you think of this not-so-magic ‘magic mug’?

Photo credit: Matt / Amazon

He bought this toy thinking it would give him a realistic pet gator…

Photo credit: o3mo

That Chia pet looks like it has seen drought…

Photo credit: dr3amwalker

Someone bought in iWatch from eBay… The results weren’t what he expected.

Photo credit: elit3k1ll3r21

You’ve got to admit that photo on the description looks awesome! The product that arrived was something else, though…

Photo credit: loudona

I didn’t know that Winnie the Pooh could look this creepy!

Photo credit: beeeeeerrrrrry

And this supposedly flat screen TV is definitely a huge rip-off!

Photo credit: Sulit De-senyo

This guy bought some tights for a Halloween costume… What he got was something really tight — and really small!

Photo credit: LambLegs

One boss won 50 chairs in an auction for his office… only to find out they were from an elementary school! Oooops.

Photo credit: never

She bought black leggings and received this very colorful pair, instead!

Photo credit: WhiteHousePressSecretaryMelissaMcCarthy

Sully looks so cute on the photo of this onesie costume… but looks rather scary when the item finally arrived!

Photo credit: Report

A loving husband bought a huge bouquet of flowers for his wife but she received a huge bouquet of leaves with some flowers, instead…

Photo credit: Report

Those hot tights look good on the model! But the semi-trash bags that arrived look rather strange…

Photo credit: Report

He bought an X-BOX ONE from eBay, only to receive a printed photo of an X-BOX ONE — exactly like the photo posted on the ad! Oooops.

Photo credit: Report

When it comes to buying stuff, it really is important to ask for more specifications…

Photo credit: Amazon

She ordered a gorgeous prom dress from a Chinese online shopping site… and received this rather unflattering piece!

Photo credit: Samantha Tan / Twitter

She ordered a cutting board with space to put the peelings in… but didn’t read the description well. It turns out it was a piece for a dollhouse! LOL

Photo credit: jennbailey6 / Instagram

One lady ordered matching chairs for her and the hubby — but this one was also for their granddaughter’s dollhouse!

Photo credit: Ellie Harford / Twitter

He bought a plump teddy bear for his girlfriend but a starved one arrived in the mail… perhaps the mailman didn’t feed it along the way, eh?

Photo credit: Report

Wow! That sweater with its adorable knitted mittens pockets look cute… until they arrived in the mail and she discovered they were, errrrr, too cute for her to handle!

Photo credit: Report

It’s just crazy how online sellers try to pass off their products for something else entirely…

Photo credit: Wardrobe_7 / Twitter

Her roommate bought a TV stand from Amazon but this one arrived in the mail. Lesson #1: Always read the product description very carefully!

Photo credit: Brenda Blancarte / Twitter

The crocheted top looks quite stunning on this model but the piece that arrived was only perfect for the customer’s cat. Oooops.

Photo credit: Christy

They were expecting a beautiful lion bouquet but the weird product that arrived was more creepy than cute…

Photo credit: Colleen Kane / Facebook

Indeed, you have to be careful in ordering stuff online because the backpack that you thought was perfect for school could turn into a perfect piece — for the cat!

Photo credit: danny mellor / Twitter

Checking out the product’s dimensions is also important even if the name and description appears to be quite perfect…

Photo credit: Adam
Hess / Twitter

At least this guy had some laughs with the sturdy ‘hiking boots’ he received from an online shop…

Photo credit: matyles

He bought a ukelele for his nephew but received this pistol crossbow instead. Maybe he should try playing music with the crossbow, eh?

Photo credit: clgriff55

And this mix-up is pretty scary! He bought an X-Box but a real pistol arrived in the mail…

Photo credit: SneakersRobinson

This guy bought a 1/2 inch solenoid valve from Amazon but received this 7-foot teddy bear instead. But of all the shopping fails on this list, we actually love this one!

Photo credit: garydebergerac

And this company representative was feeling really smug about being able to substitute the product the customer bought: from a Sainsbury Spring Show bouquet (of flowers!) to a Sainsbury Spring onions bunch! Grrrr?

Photo credit: Suzanne Bradish

What can you say about this shopping fails?

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