29-Year-Old Mother-of-Two Who Produces 10 Times as Much as Most Lactating Women Donated 600 Gallons of Breast Milk to Those in Need

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra from Beaverton, Oregon is a 29-year-old mother-of-two who has a rare condition called Hyperlactation Syndrome wherein she produces 10 times as much as most lactating women. She usually produces 1.7 gallons of breast milk per day and spends around 10 hours every day nursing and pumping her milk.

Image from OddityCentral

She had donated over 600 gallons (2.5 tonnes) of her breast milk to milk banks and families in need of it that’s why she is known as a super producer.

Her milk is packaged, labeled and properly stored in four huge freezers in her house; about half the milk she produces is donated to the local families and couples who sometimes drop by her house to get her milk, while the rest goes to California Milk Bank Prolacta Bioscience wherein she gets a dollar an ounce.

Most of the money that she gets goes right back into donating (buying the bags, maintaining the pumps, sanitation kits and freezers to store the milk), also, to the food and the water that she needed to replenish her energy because she literally spends hours a day pumping.

Image from OddityCentral

According to OddityCentral, she was inspired to donate her excess breast milk after her first daughter was born prematurely and she relied on donor milk.

Image from OddityCentral

Though she is helping hundreds of babies, at the beginning she was really scared of giving away her own milk because she’s thinking what if she ‘got dried up and couldn’t feed her own baby?’ but she eventually got over it.