27 Adorable Hollywood Child Stars Who Grew Up Way Too Fast… Check Out How “Matilda” and the “Rookie of the Year” Look Now!

We’ve seen their movies and enjoyed their adorable antics – or scary roles, perhaps – but the 27 adorable Hollywood child stars featured on this list were definitely good at their stuff even at such young ages.

But as time flies so fast, these kids simply grew way too fast for us to follow… and many of you will certainly be shocked at how these kids look now that they are all grown up!

Check out these adorable Hollywood child stars and how they look now. Thankfully, most of them still look awesome and have stayed away from the problems plaguing some young stars in Hollywood…

You really can’t work on a “Hollywood child star” article without mentioning the ultimate example, Drew Barrymore!

Photo credit: Rant Lifestyle
Photo credit: Rant Lifestyle