23 Photos of Something Strange and Funny Happening to Food

Have you ever noticed something funny about your food? Things that are perhaps unusually shaped or are not supposed to be there? We do hope it wasn’t a worm or a cockroach, of course!

Now, there have been a lot of instances wherein there are strange things that happen to food which are also quite funny, if you think about it. Perhaps it’s a weird shape on a fruit or vegetable. Perhaps it’s a strange object that isn’t supposed to be included in that particular food item. Perhaps it is just something that looks like a human being or a body part!

Whatever it is, I bet you had a good laugh about it! Well, check out some of the strange and funny photos found in food that were shared on the internet by some people who were definitely caught by surprise…

Is it just me or this carrot appears to be sulking in that ‘muddy’ bath?

Photo credit: imgur

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