23 Photos of Interesting but Dangerous Journeys Children Take Just to Reach Their Schools

Most people dream of finishing their studies because this is often considered as the most sure-fire way of succeeding in life [not always, of course, but it worked for many]; thus, going to school is a very important part of growing up.

But while many of us may have been lucky enough to be living in places where going to school is relatively easy, there are millions of kids around the world who have to find ways to reach their schools despite the challenges.

Take for example the students in Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte, southern Philippines we recently featured on “To Reach School, Students and Teachers in This Philippine Town Climb Up a Steep Mountain While Holding on to Tree Roots!

Apparently, these kids are not the only ones struggling to reach their schools because in other places in the Philippines as well as in far reaches of the world, there are those who go through various interesting but rather dangerous journeys just to reach their respective schools!

These kids in Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China are, perhaps, luckier than the school children of Dapitan because they have ladders to use in climbing the steep cliff! But this is still very dangerous!

Photo credit: Bright Side ME / yettrue
Photo credit: Bright Side ME / yettrue