23 of The Funniest and Most Unfortunate Names. #2 Should Be Given An Award.

Names – first names, last names – most of the time, are mementos of your parents. It’s something they give you to carry on for the rest of your life. Sometimes, these names are so precious you even pass them on to your kids. It’s something you are proud to bear.

But the thing is, there are names you’d rather NOT have. It’s not because you care less about your parents or whoever named you, but it’s just so wrong you’d hope it was somebody else’s.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com
Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com

Here are some of the most unfortunate names found in the internet. They can be funny, or rude, or just ridiculously unbearable you can’t help but smirk and thank your parents it wasn’t yours.
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