23 Hilarious Photos Made by Photoshop Troll Who Takes Requests Very Literally

Photoshop is one of the most useful tools in this modern world – and you can’t deny the fact that it has a lot of very useful and important applications although there are times, of course, when Photoshopped pictures cause trouble or have some negative consequences.

Then there are times when Photoshop makes us laugh. Just like when used by a troll who takes requests very literally.

Photoshop expert (and Photoshop troll, it seems…) James Fridman takes requests from people to alter their photos to make them appear better-looking or in places they wish they want to appear even if they aren’t actually there. But though James is truly an expert in Photoshop, he also has this knack of taking requests too literally – and the results are definitely hilarious!

Check some of the funny items here:

Spelling things right is key to getting things done correctly…

Photo credit: Viral Thread / James Fridman - Facebook
Photo credit: Viral Thread / James Fridman – Facebook

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