21-Year-Old Artist Highlights Women’s Imperfection into a Beautiful Art

We are currently in the era where standards of beauty are high; natural things like stretch marks, acne, and cellulite are considered as imperfections.

Cinta Tort Cartró is a 21-year-old artist from Barcelona, Spain; she is one of the latest artists to make waves with her gorgeous and truly empowering works of art. Her goal is to encourage women to see their imperfections as beautiful.

Image from dailymail

She uses rainbow paint to fill in women’s stretch mark, decorates underwear with colorful explosions to normalize menstruation. Furthermore, she started the #freethenipple movement where the photos show women with flowers covering their breasts.

Cita is professionally known as Zinteta usually posts her photographs on her Instagram account; as of writing, she already has over 42,000 followers.

Image from dailymail

Most of her works that are created on models are meant to depict menstrual blood flowing down a woman’s leg.

She suffered from anorexia when she was a teenager and she explained how she believes it crucial the society breaks down its unrealistic aesthetic standards.

Image from dailymail

“Over the years, I saw that if I did not accept everything about my body – hair, stretch marks, etc – I was not accepting myself, and I could never really know or love myself,” Cita said in an interview with Dailymail.

She is currently pursuing her master’s in illustration. You can see more of her works on her Instagram account.