20 Photos Hilariously Trolled by Photoshop Experts

These days, it’s actually hard to tell whether a photo was edited or not via Photoshop (or some other photo editing software). This is because more people are becoming ‘techie’ and that there are also plenty of cellphone apps that make editing much easier than it was before.

In the past, however, only a few people actually knew how to use Photoshop. This led to non-techie folks asking Photoshop experts on the internet for help in editing their snapshots.

But not all of these so-called Photoshop experts actually do things as requested. Some of them are fond of trolling requests – and these make for funny results!

Just check out these 20 photos which have been hilariously trolled by Photoshop experts…

Request: A kid walked by while our photo was taken. No kids in the photo, please.

Photo credit: Rocket News

Photoshop Expert: There are no more kids in the photo. Happy now?