20 Hilariously Edited Photos of Guy’s Mosh Pit Proposal to His Girlfriend by People with Weird Imagination

Ever wondered, what would happen if you propose in the middle of the road — or perhaps in a mosh pit area during a rock concert where people are getting wild and crazy? Well, one guy did just that — as he proposed to his girlfriend at a mosh pit.

Yes, it might be romantic in the eyes of the girl, but when it got shared online, people found it funny and they soon created whatever they would like out of the situation.

The funny thing here is that the guy that actually has nothing to do with the proposal gets to be the one on the spotlight!

guy proposes
Image by The Chive

The photo got shared on reddit and it got its way to a lot of sites because it is totally hilarious. Above, you would see the original photo; in the next pages would be the ones that are created in Photoshop and you would laugh so hard because of how they are presented…