18-Year-Old ‘Rubber Boy’ from India Can Rotate Limbs at 360 Degrees

With his body-bending abilities, Yash Shah has been named ‘Rubber Boy’ in his village located in Surat, India.

The 18-year-old boy can rotate his hands and legs at 360 degrees while his fingers and neck can do 180-degree turn.

Image from Barcroft Media

The ‘Rubber Boy’ said that his body is so flexible that he can pass through a tennis racket and a commode seat. He added that he was inspired to practice his rubber-limbed skills after watching the stunts made by the famous American contortionist Daniel Browning-Smith.

According to him, he practices the contour techniques he learned by watching Smith’s YouTube videos; his grandfather, Ramlal Kanyalal, assists him.

Image from Barcroft Media

Yash also shared that his techniques have never harmed him, in any way. He did visit an orthopedic doctor who said that the flexibility inside his body is unique and found in few people.

His parents were amazed by Yash’s skills and are looking for a coach to train him further.

Image from Barcroft Media

His mother, Kamini, believes that his son’s talent is a gift from God. According to her, Yash is different from other kids because he can turn his body in any direction.

“It’s obviously a gift from God,” she said.

Image from Barcroft Media

Yash is happy that people in his village respected him for having a flexible body and stated that he is planning to get a Guinness World Record.

Source: Sunday Express