18 Strange Flowers that Look Like Something Else!

Nature is so wonderful yet it also has a lot of strange flora and fauna that make us wonder whether the Creator was making a joke to make humans have a good laugh at his other creations. Do you sometimes have that feeling? I certainly do!

Take for example the strange appearances of some deep sea creatures caught by a fisherman in Russia we featured last month:

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But strange things do not just lurk in the deep. There are also a lot of those on land – and some are not really negatively weird but actually look quite stunning, if not a bit puzzling!

Check out these 18 strange flowers that look like something else – and we bet you got a laugh at some of these beautiful but somewhat weird stuff…

Wheat heads

Photo credit: twitchkowitz

While this photo appears to show something rather human and, errrrrr, personal, your mind is actually just playing tricks with you as these are actually wheat heads!

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