18 Hilarious Photos Showing the Striking Differences between Life in the Past and Life at Present

It is said that there is nothing constant in this world, except change; everything and everyone changes, into some form or another. Babies become children, children become adults. And each time the Earth turns in its axis, something changes in the world – and we all grow a day older!

But most changes occur slowly and gradually that we don’t really notice these until you see old photos of yourself or remember the past and realize that a lot has changed since then.

Take for example these hilarious photos which show the striking differences between life in the past and life at present. I bet many of you can relate with these snapshots! LOL. Who wants to share their photos with us? Leave them at the comments section below.

Now, let’s check out some of these funny photos:

Photo by Archie Engineering

Indeed, there are many teens who have overcome the stigma of being a young mom by graduating from college and becoming successful but it is also somewhat sad reality these days that such things have become the norm — and some teens even feel happy about it because they can brag about the pregnancy on social media and feel like reality stars!

By the way, “16 and Pregnant” was a real but now defunct reality show!