18 Hilarious Expectation Vs. Reality Photos: Life Has Deceived You

The saying ‘expect the unexpected’ is extremely true to a lot of things. Like when you see something fabulous in the internet (say, a gown) and feel like it will look darn hot on you, only to realize the opposite after you put it on. Or when you craved for that mouthwatering sandwich they advertised only to end up scratching your head after seeing the delivery?

Photo Credit: dailyfunlists.com
Photo Credit: dailyfunlists.com

Laughing Out Loud

High Expectation vs. Disappointing (or funny) Reality: it happens all the time. To you, to me, to everyone else.  We tend to expect too much, but reality sucks sometimes and we don’t get what we think we deserve. ‘Think you’re hot without a shirt on? Think again.

Here are 18 funny expectation vs. reality photos that will give you a good laugh.

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