18 Crazy Inventions for Lazy People. #16 Is Genius.

Are you too tired to walk? Or have a pet dog but don’t feel like playing with it? Or wanted to eat spaghetti so much but are too lazy to twirl the pasta? Well, you don’t need to push yourself too hard.  There are available products to save the day — for bums like you.

Smart human beings know how lazy other people can get and invented some of the most amazing products. While some are actually brilliant creations, others are just too crappy you might just shake your head laughing.

Photo Credit: justsomething.co
Photo Credit: justsomething.co

The dresser-suitcase will keep your things organized on a trip, it is actually a smart invention.

Find out some of the ridiculous inventions intended for the lazy and those who are just too tired to move around. (h/t: just something)

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