17 Photos of People Taking Instructions a Little Too Literally!

Did you have a good laugh at the hilarious kids who took instructions a little too literally?

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Well, here’s another list of 17 photos showing people taking instructions a little too literally – and they are as hilarious as the kids in our previous article!

Of course, when adults do it and take instructions too literally, we know they are making a point of doing it for fun and to get some laughs but this does not take away the humor from the photos, anyway.

So, we share here some of the funny photos that would surely get you laughing hard and thinking how you could also make a clever post like they did!

Check out these hilarious photos and tell us what you think. Also, feel free to share your photos with us!

Let’s start with this guy who “didn’t notice” the vending machine above the sign — and tried to feed the deer with 25 cents…

Photo credit: kingeryck/reddit.com