17 Creative Husbands Who Have a Crazy but Really Fun Sense of Humor

Marriage is something that could be a huge challenge – but it is a good thing that many couples find a way to make it work somehow and that there are also husbands (or wives) who have such a wonderful sense of humor that they can turn a difficult situation into something fun.

Just take for example these 17 creative husbands who have a rather crazy but really fun sense of humor. They know how to make the most of their situation and even make their wives laugh! Let’s just hope their wives also have a good sense of humor and could understand the joke or this would have surely ended up in a fight!

Which of the deeds by these hilarious guys did you like best?

The husband who waited ages for his wife to finish dressing up…

Photo credit: EdwinForTheWin
Photo credit: EdwinForTheWin

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