17 Cooking Fails of Easy-to-Cook Food that are Sure to Make You Laugh Really Hard (or Cry!)

While cooking is definitely an art and skill that not everyone is blessed of, modern society has found a way to help out by providing consumers with ready-to-eat food and easy-to-cook items. There are also plenty of video tutorials on YouTube and social media to help out even the most clueless cook.

It could not be denied, however, that everyone has tried at one point in their lives to cook something so easy – and failed miserably! LOL. Don’t worry. You’re not alone…

Check out these 17 cooking fails that are sure to make you laugh – or cry! I wonder if you’ve ever failed this miserably… I actually did a couple of times! I burned a pot of rice so badly that everything was black and hard from top to bottom, including the middle! Needless to say the pot had to be thrown away, too. LOL.

These poor chicken nuggets…

Photo credit: BuzzFeed and Instagram
Photo credit: BuzzFeed and Instagram

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