17 Alarming Photos Showing Changes in the Earth These Past 100 Years

While many conspiracy theorists believe that there is no such thing as global warming and that this was just a product of a conspiracy, the reality is grim: global warming does exist although it might be difficult to see evidence of this on a small-scale basis in our own localities.

But if we look at the big picture and compare photos of the same places, then we realize that global warming is really true – and even quite alarming!

Check out these photos of places that look so different you would think they weren’t photos of the same place! At the rate this is going, many areas would be left without water in some near future while others will perpetually become flooded…

Have you seen evidence of global warming in your locality?

Lake Oroville, California. July, 2010 — August, 2016

Photo credit: NTD TV
Photo credit: NTD TV

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