16 Reasons Why Dads are the Coolest (and Craziest!) Babysitters

Let’s admit it, in general, moms are still better at taking care of the kids – but we’re not trying to start a debate here. That really is a fact of life. Of course, there are dads that are better than moms and there are moms that are worse than dads – but most moms are better than dads.

But that does not mean that dads can’t share the responsibility of raising their children and babysitting, of course. The fun there is in trying! And kids will surely cherish those precious moments with daddy, even if he can’t get clothes right or cook food the way the kids like it.

There’s also no denying that dads are the coolest (and craziest!) babysitters because they are willing to take risks and actually love to make fun of their kids. NOTE TO DADS: You can have all the fun you want but make sure it’s safe, alright?

Now, let’s take a look at these 16 dads who really are among the coolest and craziest babysitters in the world…

Dad easily sees moments when your kids look like inanimate objects…

Photo credit: Bright Side ME and mollyImalone / Imgur.com
Photo credit: Bright Side ME and mollyImalone / Imgur.com

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