16 Celebrity Couples Who Proved that True Love Still Exists in Hollywood, Not Just for Reel but Also for Real!

Finding forever in Hollywood is easy because the movie characters’ fate lies in the hands of the movie producers but when it comes to the love lives of the actual actors behind the movies, the reality is often harsh.

Too many celebrity couples fall in love while filming their movies or after meeting other celebrities in various Hollywood functions yet many also fall out of love some months (even weeks!) later.

Thankfully, this does not apply to all celebrity couples – and quite a few have proven to us that true love still exists in Hollywood!

Check out these 16 celebrity couples who proved that true love still exists in Hollywood, not just for reel but also for real!

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori have been together for 51 years!

Photo credit: pinterest and flickr

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