15-Year-Old Dog Dying of Cancer Lived Long Enough to Witness Master’s Wedding

Dogs are truly man’s (or woman’s) best friends – and this has been proven in countless stories of dogs’ loyalty towards their masters. Just recently, another dog has proven just that.

Charlie Bear is a 15-year-old black Labrador mix who, despite suffering from regular seizures due to his brain cancer, managed to live long enough to be in his master’s wedding.

Photo credit: Jennifer Dziuvenis / via Facebook - jendzphotography
Photo credit: Jennifer Dziuvenis / via Facebook – jendzphotography

Charlie met bride Kelly O’Connell when he was but 12 weeks old. He was abandoned in a grocery cart and was adopted by the then 19-year-old veterinary student.

I wasn’t looking for a dog. I was 19, still living with my parents and going to college. It was the worst time in my life to even attempt to get a dog,” Kelly said told BuzzFeed News. “He came in, and I was like, ‘Yup. I’m taking this puppy home.’

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  • Mayuka

    Imagine if they had put him to sleep before, then he wouldn’t have witnessed his master’s wedding.
    I don’t know…but to be honest, I am usually against putting the dog to sleep, unless it’s really really really bad.. They are still trying hard enough to survive, even though they are in pain, they are trying to live more to be with their masters…only for the masters to take that wish away.