15 Common Myths About GOUT… And the Truth Behind These Misconceptions

Not everyone has the same conception about gout; and certainly not everything “shared” about gout should be believed a hundred percent.  Certain myths have spread worldwide, and from word by mouth, it is easy to misconstrue information.

If you suspect you have pain associated with gout, or have been diagnosed with it, but ignores treatment because of certain myths; for all you know, it could be life-threatening, and yet, you’re left in the dark.

Here’s a guide on what to believe and what to discard:

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Gouty Arthritis Myths and Gout Facts

Myth  1: Gout will go away on its own.

Fact:   Basing from some gout patients, yes, some gout attacks have been known to eventually subside even without treatment.  But they could recur if nothing is done to prevent further attacks or worsening of its condition.   Early diagnosis is necessary so that suitable treatment may be applied as soon as possible.  Treatment for gout include medications for lowering uric acid levels and reducing pain from uric acid formation in the joints and other affected areas, thereby keeping attacks under control, if not totally eliminated. Those with higher levels of uric acid may need to take uric acid-lowering medications for a longer term to keep gout attacks from recurring repeatedly.