14 Clever Kids Who Took Instructions Very Literally that it’s So Hilarious!

Have you noticed how some kids can be so hilarious at times – even without them trying hard to be funny? Well, there are a lot of kids who are like that and it is amazing how they can truly make us laugh with their silly antics.

Now, have you also noticed how kids sometimes take instructions rather literally? In this list, we share some photos of kids who took instructions from their parents or teachers in a very literal fashion – and the results are quite hilarious! I bet the kids didn’t even realize they were being funny at all!

Check out these photos and have a good laugh at these cheeky kids and their silly antics:

#1 This kid was told that he is not allowed to go outside! Well, his body is not 100%; so, technically, he’s not disobeying his mom, right?

Photo credit: rerational