13 Incredible Ways You Can Use Onions at Home (Aside from Cooking)… Includes Stopping Rust in Metals and Curing Fever!

Everyone knows that onions make a great addition to just about every viand and a lot of various food items you can think of – but did you also know that this vegetable (yes! it’s not a spice but a vegetable) can also be used in a variety of ways you probably haven’t heard about?

Onions has antiseptic and antibiotic properties mostly because of the huge amount of sulfur present in its bulbs; this is the reason why onions can be a great alternative medicine for problems in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Since onions are also rich in antioxidants, particularly Querectin, it can be used in a variety of awesome ways for the body to combat free radicals.

We share here 15 of the incredible ways you can use onions at home, aside from cooking…

Onions for Relief of Chest Congestion

Photo credit: House of Health
Photo credit: House of Health

Chest congestion can be an unpleasant, heavy feeling. To alleviate this, crush a sliced onion with some coconut oil to create a paste. Apply on the chest area. Cover with a piece of cloth before wearing a shirt. Leave on for a few minutes. For best results, leave on overnight.

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