12-Year-Old Only Child from Singapore Took Away Her Own Life Because of Bad Grades

A 12-year-old unidentified Filipina living in Singapore took away her own life on August 3, 2017, because she couldn’t take the pressure of maintaining good grades in school.

According to Trending  News Portal, this little girl was born in the Philippines then her family eventually moved to Singapore and later became citizens.

Photo from Trending News Portal

Her body was found lifeless in one of the flats in Sembawang, Northern Singapore. She was still wearing her school uniform. Her father was home when the incident happened at around 6 pm as one of the tenants was knocking on the complex’s door to ask who the parents of the girl who just died were.

“When her father discovered that it was actually his only daughter that had died, he broke down and cried. The girl had always been quiet and well-behaved so [taking away her own life] was a huge shock.”

Her parents were really devastated when they found of what had happened to their little girl. Her mom said that she became unhappy when she started secondary school because she’s having a hard time to adjust and make friends.


Photo from Trending News Portal


“I had consoled her many times and told her that it just took a little time to get used to her new surroundings. I advised her to adapt to the situation and sooner or later everything will be fine. She told me a few days ago that she had received the results of her mathematics test and she had barely passed the examination so she was upset. But I never thought that she would [take away her own life].”

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