12-Year-Old Girl Juggles Studies and Being a Makeup Artist, Buys Brand-New BMW

Putting a whole new meaning to being a ‘working student’, a 12-year-old girl recently bought herself a brand-new BMW on her birthday using money she earned from being a professional makeup artist! Isn’t that impressive?

Natthanan of Thailand was just 7 years old when she began taking interest in makeup. Instead of suppressing this interest in makeup because she was still too young, her parents fully supported the girl’s dream.

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Soon, Natthanan would be posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. As her followers increased, the young lady enrolled in professional makeup courses and would soon become a professional makeup artist, even before she officially entered puberty.

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The young lady’s skills would soon become viral in Thailand that she would be hired as makeup artist by local stars who were curious of her fame. Soon enough, she would catch the attention of international media.

By 2017, she had made a name for herself in the local fashion scene.

The following year, BBC took notice and featured her on TV. This got her international attention, leading to an invite as one of the makeup artists for London Fashion Week 2018! With the event being one of the most popular annual activities in the international fashion scene, the invite was proof enough that this young girl has a special talent that the world is beginning to notice.

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At London Fashion Week 2018, Natthanan got to work with and meet many international stars and popular celebrities.

As she turned 12, the young lady finally rewarded herself from all the hard work she had over the years as she juggled her studies and being a makeup artist. She bought herself a luxury sedan! Most adults can’t even buy a car, yet this 12-year-old girl already got herself a brand-new BMW from her earnings. Impressive, huh?

Happy birthday to me. I will be 12 years old this year. I am very grateful for everything I have so far and I’m thankful to my fans for supporting me. Thanks for all the well wishes, I wish everyone the same as well!” Natthanan shared.

Photo credit: Good Times

Source: Good Times