12-Year-Old Boy from Panama is a Tattoo Artist and People Admire His Talent

Ezrah Dormon is not your typical 12-year-old. Most kids, they are busy playing with video games or smartphones but Ezra is different, he is a tattoo artist and people are lining up to have a permanent tattoo made by him.

Photo from OddityCentral

You could find him working on a client’s tattoo or practicing his inking skills on a grapefruit in a Honolulu Tattoo Shop in Panama City. Surprisingly, despite that he lacks experience; people are still looking for him to get inked.

One day, Ali Garcia who is also the owner of Honolulu Tattoo Shop owner inked on Ezra’s mother’s hand; as a curious little boy as he is, he filled up a small part on his mother’s tattoo and he fell in love with the craft – that’s how his career started.

Photo from OddityCentral

He is still learning all the aspects of the craft, from hygiene to technique. He is drawing and practicing every day and he is making a difference everything. Currently, he already made 20 tattoos on his own.

Photo from OddityCentral

He loves old-school tattoo designs like sharks and snakes. Whenever someone comes in to get a tattoo, they would always need to know that he is still learning.

His parents are very supportive of his passion and he hopes that his career will support himself and travel the whole world.