12 Unusual Animals You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

There are a lot of animal species in the world that it really is difficult to keep track of them all, especially because we aren’t biologists. Still, we know most of the major and ‘regular’ species. For instance, most of us can recognize lions and elephants even if we can’t tell their sub-species apart.

But while we know that there are species who have many different sub-species, many of us have not seen or heard of these peculiar ones spotted by Bright Side ME.

Indeed, Mother Nature is full of surprises – and unless we all live up to thousands of years old and get to explore every inch of the Earth, we will never really get to see all these animals in our lifetime.

So, let’s be content with feasting our eyes on the wonders of nature that are offered on the internet – and let our fingers do the walking and touring for us so we can check out these rare animals you probably haven’t heard of.

Let’s start with this adorable creature…

Photo credit: Li Weidong

Is it a mouse or a squirrel or something else? Well, this is actually an ili pika, a mammal found in China that many are calling as the “magic bunny”. It’s an endangered animal.