12 Funny (and Memorable) Wedding Photos. #4 Is Dope.

The wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. It’s likely the next level of a serious relationship. Since it’s among the most memorable episodes of their lives, couples plan their wedding to perfection: their suit and gown, the food, the church and reception, and the photographs. These are usually vital to a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Photo Credit: izismile.com
Photo Credit: izismile.com

That cute little flower girl who stole the moment in this shot.

But even if weddings are planned perfectly well, with a teary-eyed groom waiting in the altar and a crying bride walking down the aisle, unexpected situations happen — and we are here to show you the hilarious ones.

We 12 of the funniest wedding fails that are so silly friends and family who witnessed the event might never forget.

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