11 Most Awkward Messages Sent to the Wrong Recipient

We’ve had those moments of distraction when we text or private message the wrong person – but we’re hoping you could not relate with the people in this list who sent the most awkward wrong sent messages to the wrong recipient.

I don’t know if I could ever face that other person again if I ever sent them messages similar to these ones! Ooooops.

The moral lesson here? Well, there’s actually a lot of things to learn from the mistakes these people made on this list.

First, be honest. Second, stop backbiting people. Third, always check the recipient of your text or private message! Or you just might send them to the wrong people and make a terrible mistake…

If you want to take a vacation, it might be better to take a vacation leave from work instead of calling in sick!

Photo credit: Viral Thread
Photo credit: Viral Thread

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