100 Days of Ice Cream Diet Made a Man Lose 32 Pounds

Trying to prove a point that a person can eat anything he wishes and still lose weight as long as he keeps his calorie intake in control, stunt Dieter and YouTube vlogger Anthony Howard Crow recently took on an unusual diet of eating only ice cream, a small protein shake, and some alcohol for 100 days. As a result, he surprisingly loses 32 pounds in the process.

Image From Abs&Ice Cream/Instagram

Since 2011, the YouTuber from Loveland, Colorado has been proving that weight loss is a matter of looking into the amount of how many calories a person took in and how much of it were burned—as long as the person consumed fewer calories than what he burned, he is going to lose weight.

Anthony’s 100-day ice cream diet began January of this year and ended just last month. During the said period, he made sure that in a day, he only takes in 2,000 calories of ice cream and 500 calories from protein powder or alcohol.

Image From Abs&Ice Cream/Instagram

While he was on the ice cream diet, he reportedly had improved blood lipids, higher ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, and lower LDL cholesterol and even a dramatically lowered triglycerides. What’s more surprising is that his glucose level declined, too, despite his high sugar consumption.

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Image From Abs&Ice Cream/Instagram

Amidst all the positive effects of his diet on his body, Anthony, however, swears that the ice cream diet is the worst diet he has tried. Barely halfway through his 100 days of ice cream diet, he started losing interest in everything and felt tired all the time. He only managed to put in a few hours working on his YouTube channel and stopped going to the gym because he just did not have the energy to do it.