10-Year-Old Boy Saves Little Brother from a Car Accident

Grayson Wilkinson, a 10-year-old boy from Mobile, Alabama became a superhero for his 14-month-old baby brother, Preston, as his quick thinking and action saved the baby from their overturned SUV.

According to reports, the Wilkinson family was driving from the Academy Sports parking lot towards Airport Boulevard when a Fed-Ex truck rammed into the family’s SUV which caused it to flip over with the passengers inside it.

Image from Matt Green

Grayson tried to escape the overturned vehicle with an injured arm but he remembered that his baby brother was still trapped inside the vehicle. So he undid his seatbelt, held Preston with his injured arm, and undid his latches using his good arm and got him out of the car.

People from a nearby restaurant rescued Grayson, his baby brother Preston, and their mother Crystal, from the overturned vehicle and they were proud of the 10-year-old’s selfless action.

Image from Matt Green

Grayson, who is still coming to terms with him becoming a hero, said that one of the police officers offers him his badge because of his heroic act. With his right arm still wrapped in a bandage, Grayson said that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that his baby brother, Preston, is safe.

Source: WKRG, The Global Herald