10 Weirdest Things That Only Happen in China… #3 is So Yucky!

China is a huge nation that is known for a number of things – not just as the country with the most number of manufactured products used across the world, but also for its numerous fakes, including fake food, counterfeit ‘branded’ items, and even fake tourist sites that are knock-offs of famous international tourist spots!

But China also has other things going – such as these 10 weirdest things that, according to Weirdest Asia News, are only happening in China…

Check out these 10 crazy stuff and tell us whether you’ve actually experienced these somewhere else.

Ghost Marriages

We really don’t know what actually happens in the afterlife but the Chinese want to make sure that they will have fun; thus, ghost marriages were created – and it is actually creating a lucrative business for many who arrange for marriages for the unmarried young men.

Photo credit: Weird Asia News
Photo credit: Weird Asia News

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