10 Amazing Moms Who Look the Same Age as Their Daughters

Have you noticed how there are mothers who look so young and sexy that they could easily be mistaken for their daughter’s sister? These mothers are rare but they do exist!

When they are together, it might be hard to tell who’s who – especially if they also look similar. Perhaps, you can only tell who’s the mother by the way the two behave or if you hear the daughter call the other woman as “Mom”.

That could be the case in these 10 amazing moms who look the same age as their daughters. Of course, there are still a lot of them out there who are quietly living their lives away from the spotlight but we’ve found a list of these moms who looked like they found a way to turn back the clock and look as young as their own daughters…

Model Yasmin Le Bon, 52, (right) with her daughter Amber, 27

Photo credit: IG / amberlebonofficial

No matter how hard I look at this photo over and over again, I still couldn’t tell which one of them is the mother! Can you?

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